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Maybe you are getting tired of the same old sex dolls, with the market flooded with mass-produced dolls, assembled using modular body parts, these unattractive products, and you are considering making a unique sex doll?

If you want to customize a sex doll, or you want to make your sex toys business more competitive, then creating your own sex doll is very necessary. We use advanced 3D modeling technology and traditional clay sculpture technology, which can highly replicate real-life models, and can also replicate AI-generated characters.

It’s important to understand the custom sex doll options, so let’s get started!

A realistic mannequin, custom sex doll, rendered by computer 3D modeling.

Build Your Own Sex Doll

Fantasy Sex Doll Factory offers three distinct customization options for love dolls: full-body customization, partial customization, and combination customization.


  • Full-body Customization: A meticulously replicated model tailored to your desires, encompassing aspects like head, facial features, waist, and legs.
  • Partial Customization: You have the flexibility to customize specific elements such as the head, facial features, eyebrows, breasts, vagina, and makeup. Additionally, options include customizable articulated joints and heating sound functions.
  • Combination Customization: Building upon the existing styles and functionalities in our factory, you have the freedom to curate a personalized combination that aligns with your preferences.
Customization Effects for Full-Body, Partial, and Combination Modes of Love Dolls

Full-body Customization Options

We offer fully customized services, including metal movable skeletons, heads, face and bodies. The head includes hair, nose, mouth, eyes, ears, and eyelashes. The body includes skin color, chest, buttocks, waist shape and size, the shape and color of the genitals, and the overall body proportion.


Of course, if you like, we will provide more personalized services. We can record your voice, make the body heatable, and the genitals (vagina) vibrate. With the development of generative AI technology, we hope to implant intelligent chips in the body of the sex doll, so the sex doll has a strong ability to interact with people. She could potentially become an indispensable partner in your life, which would be very interesting.

We have a professional photography team, and you can also leave the work of dressing up the sex doll to us. Working with us is that simple.


We offer two customization techniques to choose from: 3D Replication and Clay Sculpture Modeling.

3D Replication

Opting for 3D replication results in shorter processing times and lower customization costs. However, finer details such as pores and skin textures might not be as intricate as those achieved through clay sculpture modeling. Additionally, once the 3D print is produced, making adjustments to the finer details becomes challenging.

Clay Sculpture Modeling

On the other hand, clay sculpture modeling takes longer to complete and is slightly more expensive than the 3D option. Yet, it allows for a heightened level of realism, encompassing features like skin pores and textures. Throughout the clay modeling process, refinements to the doll’s details can also be made.

The process of duplicating a mannequin into a clay sculpture

The Process of Customizing Sex Dolls

1.Capture or Create the Appearance and Body Shape of the Human Model

You can use a real human model, taking several clear photos, including front, side, and back views. Alternatively, you can generate a virtual model using AI to create 3D images. We then build a 3D or clay sculpture silicone model based on the virtual character.

2.Choose the Material and Function of the Sex Doll
TPE and silicone sex dolls compared in terms of appearance

Sex dolls can be made from TPE or medical-grade silicone. The choice of material will affect the doll’s functionality, realism, weight, and price. TPE material makes the skin softer and more elastic, the weight lighter, and the price more affordable. Medical-grade silicone offers a higher degree of realism, allows for hair implantation, can display human veins, and presents more facial makeup details.

3.Production Stage of the Sex Doll

The production stage is a process from design to physical form, with data adjustments made according to actual conditions.

4.Dress Up Your Sex Doll

After the doll is produced, it can be made up according to the doll’s style and supplemented with some additional features, such as implanting pubic hair.

5.Final Inspection and Packaging

Before the doll is shipped, it undergoes a thorough inspection to ensure all customizations are accurate and the quality meets our high standards. The doll is then carefully packaged for safe and discreet shipping.

Partial Customization

Only customized silicone head is partly customized

If you’re looking to save time and money, opting for partial customization is a great choice. This option allows you to customize any part or feature of the silicone doll to achieve your desired outcome. Making tweaks to minor details can truly set your love doll apart from the rest.

Combination Customization

The easiest option is combination customization, where our factory offers a variety of pre-existing models. This includes different body shapes, colors, sizes, head materials, facial shapes, eyelashes, lips, hair implantation, eye colors, and more. You have the freedom to mix and match these elements however you like, creating the perfect look that suits your preferences.

Privacy and Discretion

We pay great attention to the privacy of our customers. During the cooperation, we will sign a confidentiality agreement to prevent any leakage of customer information, communication documents, design files, and model pictures. We also pay great attention to protecting your legitimate rights and interests. The molds you pay for belong to you, and the sex dolls produced all have traceability tracking marks to prevent counterfeiting.

Start Customizing Your Sex Doll Now

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