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How To Start A Sex Dolls Wholesale Business?


1. Sex Doll Types

According to Google Trends analytics, sex dolls are keeping on high demand all around the world, especially in developed countries and areas. It is one of the most popular sex toys in the adult products industry. But, do you know how many types of sex dolls? 

When it comes to full-body sex dolls, they have to be complete dolls, i.e., should have a head, a torso with hands and feet, and the other features of humans(eyes, ears, lips, joints, skeleton, fingers, nails, toes, etc)

  • The head of a sex doll can be separate or integrated(Separate is the most common type).
  • The doll can usually stand up.

Half-body dolls also called torso sex dolls, those sex dolls don’t have complete body parts, such as no hands, no feet, no head or so.

  • Torso sex dolls can be life-sized or reduced-sized.
  • Torso dolls are usually less heavy and easy to store.

1.3 TPE Sex Dolls

TPE sex dolls are the most common dolls in the market. TPE is a kind of rubber, the full name is thermoplastic elastomers. As the name suggests, sex dolls made of this material have excellent elastic, soft and stretch abilities. 

  • TPE sex dolls are easier to repair.
  • TPE sex dolls are less expensive when compared to silicone sex dolls.

1.4 Silicone Sex Dolls

If you want to get a sex doll with the most realistic human features, you will know something about silicone sex dolls. A doll head made of silicone brings you a lifelike shape and touch and can implant hair.

  • Full-body silicone sex dolls are usually made for customization purposes.
  • Silicone sex dolls are usually more expensive.

2. Benefits of Buying Sex Dolls Wholesale

Sex dolls are usually big and heavy, and not the cheap stuff. End users prefer to buy individually and expect fast delivery, and they are willing to pay higher costs. The price gap between retail and wholesale is decent.

Once you become our overseas distributors/retailers/resellers, we will offer you the wholesale prices for the sex dolls, then you can get very reasonable profits by reselling our sex dolls.

2.2 Various Sex Doll Ranges

Considering different people have different requests, having as many doll models as possible is important. We have a range of different doll heads and bodies. From Asian dolls to Euro dolls, from 100 cm to 175cm dolls, from white to black skin, and from common shapes to anime shapes, we also offer flexible customization options.

sex doll body sizes
sex doll varieties

2.3 Sex Doll Assurance & Quality Standards

For any product, there should be industrial standards, the same for the sex doll industry. We make dolls according to industry standards and beyond. 

The quality of sex dolls is reliable and stable, with fewer after-sales issues and higher customer feedback.

2.4 Saving On Shipping

For bulk orders, you can choose the cheapest shipping ways—sea shipping/train shipping, to save on shipping.

3. Choosing The Right Wholesale Sex Doll Supplier

There are many wholesale sex doll suppliers in the market, how to choose the right one? On what aspects matter?

Your sex doll suppliers should be able to offer flexible sex doll customization options to meet different people’s demands, not just a sex doll seller.

To offer fast shipping service, a sex doll wholesaler better set up overseas warehouses, so that the supplier can offer drop-shipping service in the local market.

3.3 In Time Delivery Service

  • Bulk orders, your supplier should be able to finish a bulk order quickly and ensure the quality of the dolls.
  • Drop-shipping orders, your supplier better set up warehouses overseas.

3.4 Customers' Feedback

Let the product speak for itself! Testimonials from real users matter! Your supplier should be able to provide some fair reviews from customers. Care what the users talks.


4. Tips for Starting Sex Doll Business

New to the sex doll business? No problem! Here are some tips & guides for newbies!

4.1 Guides for Sex Doll Business Newbies

√ Choose a market that accepts sex dolls as legal adult toys

√ Learn what kind of sex dolls people like in that market. What heights? What skin colors? etc

√ Set up your website or e-commerce store with our product details

√ Find ways to promote your site/store

√ Offer some valuable gifts/services to your customers

√ Provide reliable consult and after-sales services

√ Don’t need to be the best one, to be the special one

4.2 Sex Doll Industry Trends

According to the market feedback, one real trend is that the demand for male sex dolls and shemale dolls is increasing rapidly.

If you want to know more about the latest news about the sex toys industry, please follow our blog.

If you want to learn more about the wholesale sex dolls business, leave your message below.

Let us know if you are in need of any products or need to consult any OEM/ODM projects.

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