2023 Most Popular 100cm Sex Dolls

Sex Dolls Compilation: 100cm Sex Doll

In this sex doll compilation, you will find most of the affordable and popular 100cm sex dolls in the market, including full-body dolls and torso dolls.

The demand for the 100cm sex doll is high in the sex toy industry and we are focusing on wholesale sex dolls. By far, we have supported more than 50 best sex doll brands around the world in their sex toy drop-shipping business. Hope you will be our next amazing partner soon.

Whether you want to start your own sex doll business or want to make your own sex doll, we are right here to support you.

Are 100cm Sex Dolls Legal In My Country?

  • If your country has strict religious policies then it is most likely you can’t sell or buy any sex toys, including sex dolls, no matter what the height. Such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, India, Pakistan, etc.
  • If your country can import sex toys then you should be able to buy or sell sex dolls, but different countries or regions have different requests on the height of a sex doll, so you will need to learn more about that.
  • Some countries request that the height of a sex doll should be over 140cm, in this case, you can import the torso sex dolls or taller full body sex dolls instead.

What Different Heights Do Sex Dolls Come In?

As a professional sex doll wholesaler, we have the most complete range of heights and body shapes of sex dolls.

Sex doll heights: 90 cm, 100 cm, 108 cm, 110 cm, 130 cm, 138 cm, 140 cm, 148 cm, 158 cm, 160 cm, 163 cm, 165 cm, 170 cm, 175cm.

Sex doll body shapes: slim, normal, large, extra large

Cup sizes: from A to J cup

Sex doll model: more than 200 different models

Frequently Asked Questions About Sex Dolls

TPE and silicone are the most common materials to make sex dolls.

TPE(Thermoplastic elastomers) are also called thermoplastic rubbers. TPE has excellent elasticity and stretchability, so it is easy to repair and human skin-like soft.

Silicone is a high-end material to make sex dolls, which could bring more realistic human characteristics, especially on the face, muscles and skin texture.

Yes, we are looking for worldwide excellent partners to expand our sex doll business together.

Yep, if we add metal plates to the feet of the dolls, they can stand up since we have a built-in metal skeleton for all the dolls.

Yes, we have applied CE, Rohs, FDA and FCC for our sex toys. You can contact our sales team to get the required certificate for your market.

Yes, we will provide all the necessary product details for our partners to add to their stores or websites for FREE.

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