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* 1O+ Years International Trade Experience
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* 50+ Worldwide Sex Toy Brands Supporter
* 15,000+ Square Meters Workshop
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* A Verified Top Supplier of Adult Products

Shenzhen Fantasy Toys Company is located in Shenzhen, China, has 2 factories with more than 10 years of manufacturing experience in the adult toys field. As a professional adult toys manufacturer, we are dedicated to research, development, and production from the establishment of our company to now.

Our 2 factories have a total of more than 15,000 square meters, more than 300 workers, and around 200 patents. With 10 regular production lines, our production capacity can reach 2,500,000 units yearly.

We have complete & advanced equipment for production in the factories. We have surface-mount technology to make customized PCBs. We developed our own vibrating motors to make sure our products with strong & stable vibration ability.


fantasy sex toy factory manufacturing workshop production machine

Medical Grade Silicone Is Widely Used for Sex Toys Manufacturing

Due to its safety, healthiness, strong malleability, and skin-like texture, silicone material has been widely used in the production of sexual toys. The products made from it include full-body love dolls, half-body sex dolls(torso dolls), artificial buttocks, pocket pussy, realistic male masturbators, silicone dildos, and vibrators for women.

Love Doll Manufacturing

We offer custom options for create sex doll with various features, allowing you to customize every part of the body as well as the head. Using the latest modeling technology, we can replicate human models in TPE/silicone material with lifelike accuracy. Click here to learn more details about to create your own sex doll.

full-body sex doll customization

Realistic Male Masturbator Manufacturing

Customizable realistic masturbators, including realistic vaginas masturbator and ass Stroker and masturbator cup.

With the advancements in 3D modeling, AI generation, and silicone materials, the trend in adult products is moving towards lifelike replicas and intelligent features. Everyone experiences moments of loneliness, craves love, and has physical needs and emotional release.

Silicone Dildos and Vibrators for Women Manufacturing

By simply looking at the images, it becomes difficult to distinguish between a realistic replica and an actual male penis. We have reached a level of craftsmanship where we can customize the size, color, firmness, as well as incorporate electric features such as vibration, thrusting, and heating according to your preferences.

lifelike real dildo manufacturing

Adult Toy Production Process and Delivery Timeline.

Idea Designing

Our professional design team will work out the designs according to your ideas/requests.
(5~25 days)

Mold Making

Our mold-making department starts to make the new mold according to the design data sheet.
(15~25 days)


Once the new molds are ready, we go for mass production on the parts, like ABS shapes, silicone covers, PCB, buttons, etc.
(20~30 days)


After we have all the elements get ready, our assembling dept will arrange to assemble the sex toys and packing.
(5~10 days)

Quality Check

We have strict ISO 9001 quality control system during the whole production processes.
(During whole process)

Certification of Sex Toys

In order to make sure our worldwide partners can sell our adult toys in their market, we applied all the necessary certificates for our sex dolls(full-body dolls and half-body dolls), male masturbators, vibrators and silicone dildos.

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