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How To Make Different Dildos?

Do You Know How To Make Different Dildos?

(1) What is a dildo?
(2) What types of dildos are there?
(3) How to make different dildos?
(4) Overall and FAQs

What is a dildo?

A dildo is a kind of erect fake penis(human or other animals), usually used for penetrative purposes during solo play or partner sex. 

It has a similar shape to a real penis and should be hard enough to be able to insert into the mouth/anal/vagina to get sexual pleasurement.

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fantasy dildos

What types of dildos are there?

Nowadays, you can find quite many different types of dildos in daily life. Well, we are talking about some real dildos made by sex toy manufacturers and not something from your kitchen! 🙂

Dildo types by operation

-Manual Dildo

Manual dildo is the most common dildo in real life. It has no electric device and is completely controlled by the user during use. If you ask, there are manual versions of any type of electric dildo.

Manual dildos are also among the most popular sex toys because they are generally affordable, and reliable, come in a variety of styles, and are easy to maintain.

-Electric dildo

Electric dildo is a kind of dildo which is equipped with electric device to play automatically, and its main functions are: thrusting, vibrating, heating, shaking, swinging, rotating and so on. Electric dildos are generally found in metal dildos, PVC dildos, TPE dildos, silicone dildos and so on.

Black and flesh-colored dildo comparison

Dildo types by material

-PVC dildo

PVC, known as polyvinyl chloride, is a durable, cost-effective plastic polymer commonly used in pipes, cables, and insulation. Some manufacturers also use it to make sex toys by adding plasticizers to make the PVC softer and more flexible. So, PVC dildos contain some chemicals, and when using them has to be more careful, it may cause health problems.

fantasy pvc dildo

-Glass dildo

Glass manufacturers developed new technology to use glass to make sex toys, a smooth and tempered glass used to make dildos, which is a combination of art and sex. Glass dildos have good residence in cold and heat.

fantasy glass dildo

-Metal dildo

Some safety metals are used to make sex toys, such as stainless steel(304 or above), zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, etc. Many anal plugs, dildos, and O rings are made with safety metals.

fantasy stainless steel dildo

-Crystal dildo

Crystal dildo is a kind of luxury sex toy.

Crystals are known for their amazing deep healing ability. So, some manufacturers tried to use crystals to make dildos and succeeded! It is a bit hard to make crystals to be dildo shapes, almost all of them are hand-made.

-TPE dildo

TPE material is soft and has excellent stretchability. So, the TPE material-made dildos are realistic in look and flexible in use. However, TPE material is porous and can easily penetrate some bacteria and stains, so it is not particularly suitable for use in sex toys that need to be inserted into the body.

-Silicone dildo

Silicone is the most welcomed material for making sex toys because it is non-toxic, non-porous, and body-safe.
Dildos made with silicone are durable, realistic, balanced hardness, easy to clean, and human-safe.

Silicone dildos are most recommended!

Liquid silicone realistic dildo, artificial penis

How to make different dildos?

Are you curious to know how the dildos are made? here we will discuss how to make a silicone dildo. 

How to make a silicone dildo?

Silicone dildo is one of the most welcomed sex toys for women, due to its super realistic and safety. Here are the complete steps to make a silicone dildo.

Step 1: Designing

All products come from ideas, so, the first step is to design a dildo based on your imagination and some basic rules. We need to determine the dildo’s shape & dimensions, normally, a dildo is close to a real penis’s size, around 100-180mm in length and 30-50mm in diameter.

Step 2:  Molding

Once the design is confirmed, we move to the next step—making molds to make the sample. Whether the sex toy factory uses 3D printing or a sculptor to present the design content, they ultimately need to create a master model of the corresponding product, which can be used to create the first sample, and then by refining and modifying the sample, they can create a mold that meets the production requirements.

Step 3: Production & Makeup

After the mass-production mold is ready, the dildo maker can use this mold to make dildos in bulk. The processes are: preparing the liquid silicone materials, pouring them into the mold and waiting for the silicone to become solid, then taking the dildo out from the mold to makeup.

Fantasy toys OEM ODM Process

Overall & FAQs on dildos maker

In short, after we understand the characteristics of different types of dildos, such as material, performance, advantages and disadvantages, we can according to their own needs or business needs, customize their dildos, the cost involved is not very high, but can bring very good results. If you want to know more about other dildo customization steps and costs, please leave a message to let us know.


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