dropshipping sex toys & sex doll in EU & US warehouses

dropshipping sex toys

We provide top-notch dropshipping services for both full-sized and torso sex dolls, with warehouses in the EU and the US. In the course of our collaborations with distributors and agents, it’s often the case that customers require dropshipping services. This approach proves advantageous as it expedites product sales and cost reduction for them. In light of these demands, we’ve made the strategic choice to establish our own overseas warehouses in Europe and North America, thereby delivering top-notch dropshipping services.

eu warehouse

Germany warehouse: 44866 Bochum, DE

us warehouse

US warehouse: Corona, CA 92881 USA & Gibsonville, NC 27249 USA

Shipping from our warehouse to the consumer’s doorstep typically takes 5-8 business days. You won’t have to handle any merchandise; we manage the entire process and deliver the goods directly to the consumer. Moreover, we boast a high-quality after-sales system, so you needn’t worry about post-purchase issues.

Why do you need dropshipping sex toys

Low investment; you can start a project with just $100.

With just $100, you can get started without the need for renting office or warehouse space and hiring employees. All you need to do is register on online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and Shopify to launch your business.

Low cost; you don't need to stock inventory.

The traditional trading model involves bulk purchasing goods from manufacturers, which requires a significant amount of capital and incurs high costs when distributing to end customers. In the dropshipping model, you don’t need to stock inventory. You simply receive orders from customers, and the manufacturer fulfills those orders by shipping directly from their warehouse to the end customers.

Low risk, all orders are backed by the manufacturer.

From the initiation of the order to its delivery, you won’t have to handle the goods at all. We take care of product packaging, shipping, delivery, and after-sales service. You don’t have to worry about product inventory or whether it will sell. Your only focus is on acquiring customers. Throughout this process, you bear no risk; your role is solely to generate significant profits through the value-added process of sales.

The business model is simple, and the returns are lucrative.

In the entire sales chain of dropshipping sex toys, your sole focus is on driving traffic, acquiring customers, while we take care of all the dirty work. And what you gain is substantial profits. During this value-added sales process, you can completely relax on a beach in the Maldives, sipping a cup of coffee, basking in the sun, while your bank account keeps growing rapidly day by day.

Within overseas warehouses in the US and EU

How does dropshipping sex toys work?

(1) Make sure you want to do the sex toys drop shipping trade

(2) Consult with our sales representatives to discuss the sex toys you are interested in

(3) Share the business identification and sign up a contract

(4) We share the adult products information with you and start to do the marketing

(5) Your customers place their orders and contact us to make the deliveries

(6) For any after-sales problems, discuss them with our sales reps and work out a solution in 3 days

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