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Advanced and Latest Features of Sex Dolls

Advanced And Latest Features of Sex Dolls

In this article, we will introduce the most advanced and latest features of the sex doll industry. By learning this topic, you will have a complete understanding of sex dolls.

Basic Features of Sex Dolls

For a full-body sex doll, no matter if it is a male sex doll or a female sex doll, there are some basic features for them, and you will have a complete understanding of today’s content.

-Movable Metal Skeleton

As we all know, sex dolls are heavy, no matter if it is made of TPE or silicone(even heavier). So, when a sex doll factory is making a doll, they have to build a strong metal skeleton for the doll, otherwise, the doll will be hard to stand and move. 

The metal skeleton is made with stainless steel pipes and joints, the joints are equal to human joints, and the more joints a skeleton has, the more flexible. 

Now, some different skeletons are defined by their functions: standard skeleton, yoga skeleton, shrank shoulder skeleton, and evo skeleton.

skeleton for dolls

-Changeable Wigs

For sex dolls, the sex doll factory can add wigs or implant hairs for them. Wigs are mainly used for TPE heads and implanted hairs for silicone heads. In China, there is a place for making various wigs, it is a big industry. So, most of the sex doll factories can offer you many options for wigs.

Wigs make sex dolls look better and different from each other.

-Changeable Heads

If you ask what is the most apparent difference for the sex dolls, then it is the head of models. So, you can change different heads for the dolls to get various models. But, make sure your sex doll supplier is using the same connector for the heads, otherwise, they may be unable to connect with the body. So sex doll vendors can offer hundreds of different head models as a selection.

-Changeable Makeups

As the saying goes, there are no ugly girls but lazy girls. 

To make the dolls look more charming and vivid, sex doll factories will apply different makeups to dolls, this is customizable.

-Genitals for Sexual Intercourse

Besides accompanying, the important reason for people to get a doll is to have sex. So, all the dolls have genitals for people to release their sexual desires and relax.

-Lingerie for Doll

Lingeries make the dolls even more sexy and charming. So, we suggest to get the preferred lingerie for your dolls.

Advanced Features of Sex Dolls

Advanced techniques bring advanced features to the dolls. So, what are the advanced features that can be applied to dolls?

(1) EVO skeleton brings the doll with much better flexibility. Dolls can take on more poses.

(2) Advanced finger skeleton brings you life-like finger performance.

(3) Detachable vaginal design makes every play more secure and easy.

(4) The 5-point touch-responsive pronunciation system makes every touch exciting.

(5) The intelligent heating system allows you to enjoy an intimate experience like a real person.

(6) The electric wiggle butt design makes every play extremely exciting.

(7) Ultra-soft jelly breasts make every touch way too impressive.

(8) Bionic Vascular Meridian brings a super vivid skin appearance.

(9) Th automatic sucking design brings a wonderful oral sex experience.

(10) The vaginal vibration design makes the sexual experience extremely amazing.

Latest Features of Sex Dolls

What technologies are being developed for dolls? let’s check out the latest features!

(1) Use AI technology to bring soul to sex dolls.

Now, you can ask your sex doll manufacturer to add AI-related accessories to your doll to enable conversation and daily interaction with her. Then, your doll is not ONLY a doll, she can be a real friend too.

(2) Using AR technology to achieve long-distance interaction. See, if you have to get connected with your long-distance girlfriend, you have a new choice! With AR technology, you can have fun with her simultaneously!

Question: What Features Would You Like To Add To Your Sex Doll?

No matter if you have any new ideas to make a unique doll or any questions related to dolls, welcome to leave your message below.

Let us know if you are in need of any products or need to consult any OEM/ODM projects.

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