3 realistic pocket pussy for male masturbation
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Male masturbators

Our products include highly realistic buttocks and vaginas made from tpe/silicone, offering an incredibly lifelike look and feel. These realistic male masturbators, including pocket pussy and buttocks models, feature dual functionality, simulating both the vagina and anus.

Our electric masturbators offer even more advantages, eliminating the need for manual operation. They come equipped with vibration, suction, and heating functions, making the products more appealing and competitive.

Silicone-based sex toys are becoming increasingly popular due to their highly realistic visual appeal and excellent user experience. Contact us for more male masturbators and pocket pussies.

Factory Price

12 years adult toy manufacturer, factory price guarantees your profit.

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Strong supply chain system, realize your ideas at low cost .

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US and European warehouses, fast turnover of funds.

Friendly Support

High-quality after-sales service system, response within 12 hours.

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