vibrators for women

The vibrator is an essential and valuable part of a sex toy, usually has different frequencies and vibration modes.

It’s easy to find a vibrator in many adult sex products, for example, magic wands, loving eggs, electric dildos, and electric sex dolls.

In Fantasy4toys, you can find more than 200+ vibrators for women and more to come…

Nice Shapes, Easy-Take-Away, Multi-Functions, and Beautiful Colors are the main features of adult sex vibrators.

· Rabbit Vibrators

· Love Eggs

· AV Wands

· Wearable Vibrators

· Other shapes…

Types of Vibrator Toys

Internal Use Vibrator

As for the internal use sex vibrators, they are designed to stimulate the G-spot and vagina, usually with thrusting and rotating.

External Use Vibrator

As for the external use sex vibrators, they are designed to stimulate the nipples, clitoris, and vulva for sexual pleasure.

Combined Vibrator

Typically, a vibrator is designed to be used for both internal and external stimulation, such as a rabbit vibrator.

A vibrator comes with an electric-powered device and is covered with silicone.

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