What Certificates Are Required for Selling Sex Dolls?

Do You Know The Related Certificates for Sex Dolls?

certificate for sex doll

SEX DOLLS, is one of the most popular adult products, due to its REALISTIC and AMAZING body shapes! People buy them for many different reasons. While, when you purchase such a big toy, do you know whether it is safe? Does the sex doll you buy carry any certificates or not?

Today we will give you a brief introduction to this topic.

Question: do you think sex dolls should be certified?

Maybe there are different opinions on this question among the public. But to us, we insist that sex dolls must be certified! A few reasons:

  1. Most people buy sex dolls for daily accompanying purposes, so what if a daily use toy releases toxins every day?
  2. In more private scenes, when people want to enjoy a pleasure time with the doll, they can’t risk playing with an uncertified toy.
  3. Considering that most sex dolls are not cheap, you deserve a certificated one, don’t you?

Are Certified Sex Dolls More Expensive?

There is a huge variety of sex dolls on the market, they have different heights, weights, skin colors, and body shapes, as well as different materials (silicone or TPE are the two most common materials), and their prices also vary, making it hard to tell if they’re worth the tag prices.

But yes, if two TPE/silicone sex dolls are the same weight and height, the certified doll is more expensive. Commonly, if a sex doll needs to pass the certification, the sex doll manufacturer has to use high-quality materials. So, never judge a doll only by her appearance.

Certificates for Sex Dolls

Rohs certificate for sex dolls

RoHS was adopted in 2003 by the EU as an initiative to solve the problem of a huge amount of toxic waste. 

Manufacturers have to obtain RoHS certificate for every product.

Fantasy4toys maintains this certificate for all products.

ce certificate for sex dolls

Many products require CE marking before they can be sold in the EU. CE marking indicates that a product has been assessed by the manufacturer and deemed to meet EU safety, health and environmental protection requirements. It is required for products manufactured anywhere in the world that are then marketed in the EU.


Fantasy4toys applied a FDA certificate for its Males Masturbators, Pocket Pussy, Torso Sex Dolls and Full-boy Sex Dolls.

For getting the original test reports of above certificates, please contact us.

Let us know if you are in need of any products or need to consult any OEM/ODM projects.

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