Sex Doll Factory- How to make a sex doll

Sex dolls on display at the factory

What a sex doll factory

A genuine sex doll factory integrates design, mold-making, manufacturing, makeup application, and packaging into a cohesive process. It has the capability to design and produce a wide variety of styles of sex dolls: based on materials, there are TPE and silicone-based sex dolls; in terms of size, there are buttocks, full-sized, and torso sex dolls; categorized by gender, there are female, male, and shemale sex dolls; with regard to body type, there are options such as chubby, slender, busty, curvy, and BBW sex dolls; and according to features, there are options including blonde, Asian, Western, and anime sex dolls.

What a sex doll factory looks like

In China, there are numerous sex doll manufacturing factories, each with distinct variations in their premises, equipment, production lines, and manufacturing processes.

Justine takes you inside a Chinese sex doll factory to learn how sex dolls are made.

In this revealing video, you’ll:

  • Witness the craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into creating realistic sex dolls.
  • Gain insights into the materials used and the meticulous artistry behind each doll.
  • Discover the technology and techniques employed in the manufacturing process.
  • If you’re curious about the manufacturing process , this video provides an in-depth look into a topic that is often shrouded in mystery.

Design and Prototyping Zone

Designers are the ones who determine the style and dimensional data of sex dolls. They constantly create new human body models and produce samples that need approval before moving into mass production.

Designer modeling and prototyping

Factory Sample Display Area

The factory sample room is a spacious display area showcasing a variety of representative products, making it convenient for visitors to gain insights into the company’s products and production processes.

Head model displayed in the sample room

Mold Molding Workshop

Pouring TPE/silicone raw materials into specific molds, they undergo a series of processing steps to take shape as preliminary sex dolls. This crucial step is required for both full-body dolls, torso-only dolls, and buttocks molds.

Factory Sex Doll Mold Molding Workshop

Assembly Workshop

After the molding process, the sex dolls undergo meticulous manual detailing by workers to ensure that every aspect meets the desired standards of perfection.

Workers are currently refining the sex dolls after the molding process.

Makeup Application Area

Makeup for sex dolls is also required for commercial results.

Quality Inspection Workshop

We have established a comprehensive quality inspection system to prevent any flawed products from entering the market.

Packaging and Shipping Area

The final step in the factory is packaging and shipping, which involves including instruction manuals and accessories.

Sex doll factory photos

Seeing incredibly attractive sex dolls in stores always tends to evoke the desire to make a purchase. This is closely linked to the adept makeup, grooming, and studio techniques employed by the vendors. In order to faithfully capture the distinctive features of sex dolls, it’s necessary to examine the original photos from the factories.

Factory wholesale sex doll

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